Episode 439 – From the Deep, Part 2

This week: whaling during the modern era in Japan, and the circumstances that have led to Japan being one of the only first world countries that still hunts whales.

Also: allergies are still a bit rough; excuse any scratchiness, please!


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Australian Institute of International Affairs coverage on Japan’s withdrawal from the IWC.


Whale meat on sale in Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market.
The Tounan Maru in 1937, Japan’s first Antarctic whaling ship.
Anti-whaling protestors in Melbourne, Australia, c. 2007.
Whale catches in Japan since the start of the 1985 moratorium.
A Japanese whaling factory ship with the carcass of a killed whale.

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  1. The episode can’t be listened to and it isn’t on lybsyn to be listened to and downloaded. Please fix.

  2. It’ll take environmental activism targeting Japanese youth so that they’ll vote against pro-whaling diet members. The Sea Shepherd shut down in the late 2010s, so it’s up to Greenpeace to keep up the fight. Even ecoterrorism hasn’t seemed to put a dent in Japanese whaling. The IUCN needs to just put all whales on the endangered species list.

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