Episode 390 – Lords of the Sea, Part 1

This week, in the first of a four part series on piracy in Japan, we’re covering the background of piracy before the Sengoku civil wars. How did Japan’s pirates interact with the complexities of Japan’s classical and medieval world?


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A map of shoen estates in the vicinity of Nara from the 800s CE. Up to the Sengoku period, shoen estates were the main method by which land was organized in Japan.
Yugeshima, which was once a shoen estate for Toji — and which was briefly governed by the pirate Ben no Bo Shoyo.
The Seto Inland Sea from space. You can see that both the location (connecting Kyoto to the wider sea) and the island-heavy nature of the territory made it ideal raiding ground for pirates.
Fujiwara no Sumitomo, the ostensible pirate lord.


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  1. What’s that yojijukugo there on the picture of the pirate king? Something about Naritayama?

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