Episode 391 – The Lords of the Sea, Part 2

This week, we’re focusing on the height of piracy during the civil wars in Japan, and in particular the powerful Murakami pirate families. How did these families make their money? What did their raids look like? And what was their relationship to the warlords on land?


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Today on the island of Noshima there’s a museum about the Noshima Murakami. I haven’t been, but I would love to go!
A period illustration of a converted raiding ship.
A Noshima Murakami protection pennant.
An illustration of the design for a Sekibune.
Today on the island of Innoshima there’s an annual festival commemorating the Innoshima Murakami — and as you can see it includes re-enactors!


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  1. About the re-enactments: does this mean this region sees the pirates in a romantic way similar to the way we see Caribbean piracy?

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