This week, we cover a famous caper that probably sent an innocent man to jail for nearly 40 years. There’s poisoning, plotting, and conspiracy galore as we discuss the Teigin Incident.

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A Japan Times article on recent developments in the case.

A New York Times obituary for Sadamichi Hirasawa.

A Time Magazine article on the case.


The Teigin case was a media sensation; coverage like this (leading with a headline about the death toll) resulted in pressure inside the police administration to locate the killer as quickly as possible.

The site of the Teikoku Ginkou (Imperial Bank) in Shiinamachi.

Hirasawa Sadamichi at the time of his arrest.

Hirasawa at his first trial, where he would ultimately be convicted and sentenced to death.

Barred Flower, a painting by Hirasawa Sadamichi.

Hirasawa Takehiko with some of his father’s paintings.