Episode 322 – The Heist

This week, we cover one of Japan’s great unsolved crimes: the 300 million yen robbery. How did one man steal so much cash? Why couldn’t the police find him? And why are we still talking about it today?


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Johnson, David T. “Crime and Punishment in Contemporary Japan.” Crime and Justice 36, No 1. (2007)

Some modern coverage of the event by the South China Morning Post and News.com.au


The infamous composite photo of the perp.
Fuchu Prison from the air. The robbery took place along the northern border (the road running left-right on the top part of this photo).
Police investigating the abandoned bike after the robbery on December 10. From News.com.au
The scene of the crime from the air. From Asahi Shinbun.
Police investigate the abandoned Nissan Cedric. From Asahi Shinbun.


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