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  1. Ken

    Suggested Topic: much has been made of the Japanese attitude toward P.O.W.s during WWII. While proportinally few Japanese surrendered to the allies, there were quite a few, particuarily toward the end when even isolated soldiers realized the war was lost. What was the reaction to those who went home? Were they shunned or did a reaslization set in that their decision not to sacrifice their lives in a lost cause foster a new understanding?

  2. I’m preparing some stuff related to this topic, though I’m probably going to push it back a bit just because the whole leadup to war thing was kind of a downer and I worry about doing too many depressing topics in a row. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Alex Johnson

    Suggested Topic, covering the sengoku war in more detail. How the Mythology around the various daimyo grew, why the war shifted from west of Kyoto during the oni to the area between Nagoya and Edo later on, and some various other topics (how the yamada and hosokawa became so influential in a war that was supposed to be between two ashikaga, why did the takeda control land in 1467 where the mori would later control, more talk about the various clans [date, mori, hojo, imagawa, shimazu]

    • Actually this week’s coming episode is on the Onin War, so it will answer at least some of your questions. The others, though, I might need to find a specialist friend to help me with! Good ideas!

  4. Jeff

    On iTunes/iPhone podcast app the first episode that shows up is ep 8. What happened to eps 1-7?

    • I’m trying to figure that out. The way it works right now, the podcast is hosted by one site (libsyn) put through feedburner (in case I ever want to switch hosting services without having to resubmit the podcast and making you all resubscribe over) and then that feed from feedburner goes to iTunes.
      All the episodes are showing up in libsyn, but not in feedburner. I’m not really sure how they got lost.

      You can find them linked to on this website, and I’ll send some emails around to try to figure out what the hell is going on, buth unfortunately that’s all I have.

  5. Hello. Question: how can I pick episodes to listen to around a certain theme or time period? For example I’d like to hear all episodes that are chronologically from the second half of the 20th century — is there an episode map or index or anything?
    I deeply enjoy this podcast. I’ve been living and working in Japan for (looks at wristwatch) 3 months now.

    • Unfortunately, not that I know of. The closest thing would probably be to use the tags to try to find relevant episodes; so, searching for all episodes tagged “LDP”, “postwar”, etc.

  6. Bridget

    I love this podcast! It’s been so helpful in understanding aspects of Japanese history I hadn’t been familiar with, and you present the information well.

    I was wondering, when you were using Audible for your ads, you used to recommend a book with each ad. Do you have a list of those books somewhere? I’m trying to build my Japan/Japanese history library.

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