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Episode 166 – The Maelstrom, Part 4

Today, we’re starting a war! The battle for Manchuria begins as Japan and Russia confront each other on land and at sea for the first time. But will the daring Japanese plan to win the war quickly pay off?


Well….kind of.

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Drea, Edward. Japan’s Imperial Army: Its Rise and Fall, 1853-1945. 

Nish, Ian. The Origins of the Russo-Japanese War. 

Nish, Ian. The Russo Japanese War of 1904-05, vol. 1



The surprise attack on Port Arthur on Feb 8, 1904.


Oskar Stark, the Admiral in charge of the Russian Pacific Fleet in February 1904.



A Japanese tactical map of the Battle of Nanshan. Nanshan itself is highlighted in red; Port Arthur is to the South.


The Battle of Nanshan. Japanese troops are in the fore; Russian defenses are in the rear.


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  1. Just caught up to the podcast, and i have to say that after listening everyday to at least two episodes I now feel pretty awkward that i have to wait an entire week for a new episode.

    I just want to thank you on behalf of all your listeners from Brasil and mankind, it is in my humble opinion the best podcast I have ever listened to, in fact I will probably finish my current college on Architecture and start on a History one as soon as possible and you are one of the persons that have influenced me on pursuing that old dream of mine.

    So thats it, thanks for your efforts and keep it up!

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