Episode 167 – The Maelstrom, Part 5

The war rages on as the Japanese land in Port Arthur and press the attack, and Oyama Iwao advances north. The Russians will attempt to make a stand as divisions open up in their leadership.

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Russian troops stand over dead Japanese attackers during the Siege of Port Arthur. The Port Arthur campaign was tremendously bloody; Nogi’s penchant for frontal attacks and the well-entrenched defenders combined to create huge death tolls.
Nogi Maresuke upon his recall from retirement.
Field guns like this 11 inch howitzer would play a huge role in the battle for Port Arthur; without them, the Japanese stood little chance of blasting through the massive Russian defenses.
Aleksey Kuropatkin, commander of Russian forces in Manchuria. A proponent of a defensive strategy of retreats to buy time, Kuropatkin was ordered by his civilian boss Yevgeny Alekseyev to make a stand. This lay the groundwork for the Battle of Liaoyang.