I Only Love Robots is a podcast about the robots we love (or love to hate) in fiction and real life. Demetria Spinrad hosts this show with weekly guests.

Each episode, we’ll be asking three crucial questions about a robot: What purpose do they serve in the story? Does the story work? And most importantly, how kissable is that robot?

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Demetria Spinrad

Author and podcaster

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Detroit: Become Human – the fandom

A questionably written game gave rise to one of the most exuberant and creative fandoms in recent years. What was going on with the fandom that turned a barely-there character into a beloved fan favorite, filmed an entire feature-length movie, and wrote millions of words about playing with wires in a sexy way?

DBH march

Detroit: Become Human – the game

What happens when a writer tries to make oppressed robots stand in for tons of different kinds of real marginalized people in the same story? A confusing, frequently offensive, but occasionally interesting mess. Amanda Jean joins the podcast to tackle Detroit: Become Human, a game that tried to make its robots an allegory for everything at once.


Westworld (1973)

Cora and Demetria take a trip to a future that’s obsessed with the past. Is Westworld a typical 70s western, or is it a twisted nostalgia trip through 50s western tropes? Is it saying something about American masculinity, or is it just a story about scary amusement parks? And are these robots even sentient, or just glitchy?



We’re jumping into AI art creation with Magali. When we generate artistic images with a bot, who’s the real artist? And can we make an art bot draw itself?

thisisengineering-raeng-sbVu5zitZt0-unsplash (1)

High Maintenance

Author S.A. Chant joins us again to discuss what it’s like to write a story about robots. How does the perspective of the point-of-view character change the way we experience science fiction? What does representation mean in a genre full of non-human characters? And where can trans science fiction go from here?

Guests This show wouldn't be possible without our amazing guests!

Isaac Meyer

Podcaster, teacher, historian
Writer and editor

Amanda Jean

Writer and editor
Appearing on a future episode!

Upcoming guest

Appearing on a future episode!
Appearing on a future episode!

Upcoming guest

Appearing on a future episode!

Want to suggest a future episode topic or make a guest appearance on the show? Email me at [email protected]

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