Detroit: Become Human – the fandom

A questionably written game gave rise to one of the most exuberant and creative fandoms in recent years. What was going on with the fandom that turned a barely-there character into a beloved fan favorite, filmed an entire feature-length movie, and wrote millions of words about playing with wires in a sexy way?

Content notes: The whole episode’s about erotic robot fan fiction, so I’m slapping an Explicit label on this.

An article worth reading by Gita Jackson: The Super-Fans Of Detroit: Become Human Hate Most Of The Game

Featured image from this video

The entirety of the appearance of RK900 in the actual game. This only occurs in one possible ending.

A trailer for Detroit Evolution, a feature-length movie by fans starring RK900 and Gavin Reed.

A few possible interactions between Gavin and Connor. Once again, Gavin never actually meets RK900 in the actual game.

The top pairings for fanworks on Archive of Our Own as of 08/16/22. There are over 27,500 total works on AO3!

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