Episode 501 – In the Beginning

We’re back at the beginning for Part 1 of a new miniseries: A Revised Introduction to Japanese History.


“The Earliest Societies in Japan” (J. Edward Kittier, Jr) and “The Yamato Kingdom” (Delmer M. Brown) in The Cambridge History of Japan, Vol 1: Ancient Japan

A good introduction to early Japanese history from Martin Colcutt, courtesy of the Japan Society

The scientific study I mentioned in the podcast: Caspermeyer, Joseph. “New Genetic Evidence Resolves Origins of Modern Japanese.” Molecular Biology and Evolution 32, No 7 (July, 2015)


Glaciation and water levels in Japan, 20,000 years ago.
Reconstructed Jomon-period homes at Maruyama in Aomori.
A late Jomon clay mask.
Jomon pottery, on display in the Yamanashi Prefecture History Museum
A closeup of a reconstructed Yayoi period house, from the Yoshinogari Historical Park.
Yayoi period bronze mirror
The “King of Na Seal.”
Hashihaka Kofun in Nara prefecture, c. 200 CE.

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  1. I’ve so been waiting for you to more detailed episodes chronologically like this, History of Rome style. I hope this turns into another super long series, like how Fall of the Samurai stretched out!

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