Episode 481 – The Dynasty, Part 4

We’re wrapping up our look at the Hatoyama political dynasty with some time on Hatoyama Iichiro (arguably Japan’s most reluctant politican) and his two sons Kunio and Yukio. Plus some thoughts on the legacy of the Hatoyama family and on dynastic electoral politics more generally.


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Hatoyama Yukio on a state visit to the US in 2009 with then-president Barack Obama.
Hatoyama Jiro’s official LDP photo.
Hatoyama Kunio in 2007, as a part of the cabinet of prime minister Fukuda Yasuo.
Hatoyama Iichiro poses on the steps of the Diet with Yukio (left) and Kunio (right) in 1986 after Yukio is elected for the first time.