Episode 480 – The Dynasty, Part 3

This week: Hatoyama Ichiro’s revenge tour culminates in finally reaching the top spot as PM and in the formation of the LDP. What does the torturous road it took to get there tell us about the man, and about the politics of his time?


Itoh, Mayumi. The Hatoyama Dynasty: Japanese Political Leadership Through the Generations.

Kapur, Nick. Japan at the Crossroads: Conflict and Compromise After Anpo

Curtis, Gerald L. The Logic of Japanese Politics: Leaders, Institutions, and the Limits of Change

Some coverage from Deseret News of the declassification of information about the Hattori coup.


Hatoyama Ichiro hosting the LDP leadership at Hatoyama Hall in 1956. I think the seating arrangement shows the flow of power pretty clearly here.
Yoshida Shigeru (left) and Hatoyama Ichiro. I assume both men are leaning back to be safely out of the stabbing range of the other.
Hatoyama (left) and Soviet Foreign Minister Nikolai Bulganin signing the joint declaration in 1956.
Hatoyama Ichiro as Prime Minister.
Hatoyama’s 1st cabinet, from December, 1954.