Nelson Mandela

How did one of the most famous political prisoners of all time end up in prison? What system did he have a part in taking down? This week, we discuss the strange legal maneuvers South Africa’s racist government used to stay in power, and the court case that changed the way the world reacted to the apartheid system.

Content notes: This episode contains discussion of the South African apartheid system, which includes some language in its legal divisions of race which would not be acceptable terms today.

Featured image: Nelson Mandela casts his vote for the very first time in the 1994 elections. (Image source)

File:Black and Coloured women protesting against pass laws in Bloemfontein, Free State in 1913.jpg

Women of color protest pass laws in 1913. (Image source)

Nelson Mandela at age 19. (Image source)

A sign from South Africa enforcing the apartheid system. (Image source)

Apartheid Museum Entrance, Johannesburg.JPG

A South African building with separate entrances for whites and non-whites. (Image source)

An actor reads the famous I Am Prepared To Die speech.

Mandela’s cell at Robben Island Prison. (Image source)

A protest in support of Mandela in Germany in the 1980s. (Image source)

File:Boycott Apartheid campaign bus (WOW 551J), London, 1989.jpg

A Boycott Apartheid campaign bus in London in 1989. (Image source)

File:Nelson Mandela 1994.jpg

Mandela in 1994, on his first trip to the United States. (Image source)

File:President Bill Clinton and President Nelson Mandela view Cell Block B where President Mandela was imprisoned.jpg

Bill Clinton and Mandela on a visit to the prison at Robben Island in 1998. (Image source)