The Assassination of Kim Jong-nam

Two women entered Kuala Lumpur International Airport to film a prank show. Their target: an unassuming business traveler. The result: the assassination of the former heir apparent of the North Korean government. How did two aspiring actresses end up caught in the middle of the biggest diplomatic incidents of the decade? And why did Kim Jong-nam go from North Korea’s future leader to its top target?

Featured image: Kim Jong-nam. This photo was taken around the time of the Tokyo Disneyland incident (Image source)

A news report from shortly after Kim Jong-nam’s death, including CCTV footage of the assassination taking place in the airport.

A press conference with Siti Aisyah after her charges were dropped.

Đoàn Thị Hương speaks with JAPAN Forward about how she was recruited for the “prank show”