Black Bart/Charles E. Boles/Charlie Bolton

One man’s quest for vengeance against Wells Fargo turned into a massive crime spree—with occasional poetry breaks. Returning guest Amanda Jean joins us to fall in love with Black Bart, the gentleman robber who bluffed his way through a criminal career with no horse, no accomplices, and no bullets.

Featured image: Portrait of Charles Boles (spelled Bowles here) (Image source)


A portrait of “Charles Bolton” in his typical stylish attire. (Image source)

A stagecoach on display at the Wells Fargo museum in Phoenix, Arizona.. Passengers would have ridden in the body of the coach while a driver (and sometimes a “shotgun messenger”) would sit up front. (Image source)

Demonstration of a Wells Fargo coach in action. (Image source)

The modern equivalent of a Wells Fargo coach, paying tribute to the company’s history. (Image source)



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  1. My dad actually did get a Wells Fargo card just for the stagecoach picture. He told me it wasn’t worth it

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