The Hollywood Ten

Get your flags and your bibles, we’re hunting Communists. The Red Menace could be lurking anywhere: in your unions, in your movies, maybe even in the very halls of Congress.

Featured image: Nine of the ten people charged for contempt of Congress. (Image source)


A photograph of a protest against the jailing of the Hollywood Ten. (Image source)

An absolutely buckwild front page from October 21, 1947. What’s the deal with the human vampire? (Image source)

Poster - Three Russian Girls 01.jpg

A poster for one of the pro-Russian films produced during the war. (Image source)

File:This could be your Daughter.jpg

A poster from the 1960s implying that miscegenation, Judaism, and Communism are connected. (Image source)

An anti-communist film. Fuck your communist telephones.