Episode 362 – Abe, Part 2

This week, we chronicle Abe Shinzo’s meteoric rise up the ranks of the LDP and the Koizumi cabinet, culminating in his first tenure as Prime Minister — followed by his equally meteoric ascent back down the ranks, as his first attempt at governance will blow up in his face.


Harris, Tobias. The Iconoclast: Shinzo Abe and the New Japan.

Reed, Steven R. The Evolution of Japan’s Party System: Politics and Policy in an Era of Institutional Change.

A fascinating NYT article (particularly in retrospect) covering Abe’s 2007 resignation.


Koizumi Junichiro shaking hands with Kim Jong-il. Note that Abe is present too (2nd from the right, in the background).
Abe Shinzo and Koizumi Junichiro together in 2013.
Koizumi in the LDP party war room for the 2005 election. The phrase above the board says “Don’t stop the revolution.”
Koizumi Junichiro deplaning after his North Korea summit in 2002. Note who is coming off behind him.


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  1. I heard the story of The Chrysanthemum Vow and was wondering if you could do a history of the Japanese postal system. You’ve only touched on it when talking about Koizumi and his privatization, but I’d like to know more about what existed pre-Meiji and how they got around with all the Tokugawa restrictions on movement.

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