Three short cases: PT Barnum, a pond full of leeches, and Palisade Nevada

Hey, is anyone having trouble concentrating this week? Maybe there’s something in the news that might make it hard to focus on a deep dive into serious crimes? Well, we’ve got a episode that moves as fast as the news cycle. Take a quick spin through criminal history with us as we cover some short cases about cool bicycle tricks, nasty ponds, and the fine tradition of messing with tourists.

Featured image: The trial of a sow and pigs, which supposedly took place in the 1400s, as illustrated in a book from the 1800s. (Image source)

PT Barnum

A flier for PT Barnum’s circus. He switched up his acts quite a bit. There are some photos online of the Elliott children, but I was having a hard time making sure they’re shareable under a creative commons license. (Image source)


A pond full of leeches

An illustration of the kind of leech that feeds on fish. I decided not to go with any live leech photographs, you’re welcome. (Image source)


Palisade, Nevada

A photograph of Palisade during the peak of its brief life in the 1870s. (Image source)