Episode 282 – The Brothers Soga

This week, we cover one of the most famous tales of revenge in Japanese history: that of the two Soga brothers, Goro and Juro. What do we know of the original story, and how did it morph into one of the most famous tales ever told in Japan?


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A Hiroshige print showing the moment of vengeance.
A Kuniyoshi Soga print. The brothers are on the right, their lovers the left. Kudo is in the center.
The two brothers hone their techniques in this scene by practicing chopping snow smoothly in half.
A print showing Ichikawa Danjuro I as Soga Goro. That role is particularly associated with the Ichikawa Danjuro lineage of kabuki.
A Soga print showing the hunt scene at Mt. Fuji, the climax of the tale.

, Thomas J. The Tale of the Soga Brothers.