Episode 1 Arrives!

Episode 1 is up!  To listen to it, click the “RSS: History of Japan Podcast” link to the right of the page.  This will bring up a chronological list of all episodes, and the url for that page can also be copy-pasted into a podcatching service (like Podkicker, iTunes, or Zune Marketplace) to subscribe to future updates.

You can also listen directly here

Podcast 1

7 thoughts on “Episode 1 Arrives!”

  1. Wow amazing library you’ve put together over the years, can’t believe I just now ran into this. I currently made my way to Fukuoka over a month ago with my wife and if I knew of your library here I would have been listening long ago, looking forward to going through a couple of these every couple days when I’m not flooded with homework.

  2. It’s 30th June 2018. I’m a newcomer here. The job seems good. Your my new partner in car 😉

  3. I just started listening to your first three episodes and am looking forward to more. So entertaining and informative. Thank you!

  4. Listening to Episode 1 in 2021 ! Better late than never. Japan is fascinating. Thanks for these series Isaac!

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