Operation Wedding

What do you do when your country won’t let you leave? One group of defectors from the Soviet Union hatched a desperate plan: they’d pretend they were on their way to a wedding, then they’d hijack their plane and fly it out of the country.

Content note: This episode discusses antisemitism in the Soviet Union and the Zionist movement.

Featured image: Mark Dymshits, Sylva Zalmanson, and Edward Kuznetsov in front of a crowd of supporters in New York in 1979. (Image source)

Yosef Mendelevitch at an event for the National Conference on Soviet Jewry. (Image source)

Yosef Mendelevitch disembarks a plane at Ben-Gurion Airport after his release from prison. (Image source)

Sylva Zalmanson in 1977. After her own release from prison, she continued to campaign for the release of her family and friends. (Image source)

Edward Kuznetsov in 2016, from the documentary Operation Wedding. (Image source)

A poster for the documentary film Operation Wedding, made by Anat Zalmanson-Kuznetsov, the daughter of Eduard Kuznetsov and Sylva Zalmanson. (Image source)

An Antonov An-2, the type of plane the group intended to hijack. (Image source)

A trailer for Operation Wedding.


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