Gaius Verres

It’s time for a fun case of ancient Roman slander as we talk about the corrupt politician Gaius Verres. What was he accused of? Are the charges real, or were they embellished to help the career of an upjumped lawyer named Cicero? And what’s up with everyone always making analogies between Rome and America?

Featured image: A painting of Cicero by William Blake, from 1800 (Image source)

A bust of Cicero around age 60 (Image source)


A fresco from 1899 showing Cicero denouncing Catiline (a different, but also interesting case) (Image source)

A less reverent take on the same scene from The Comic History of Rome, published in the 1850s (Image source)

Some decadent Greek art (Image source)


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  1. I personally enjoy longer, more infrequent episodes. I listen to 3 hour podcasts regularly, so 50 minutes is not daunting for me. But, uh, I mean, follow your heart…

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