This week, we round out our look at the hard left in Japan. Militant communist uprisings (if less than 100 people counts as an uprising), electoral maneuvering, recycling policy — this episode has it all.

Listen to the episode here.


Gallagher, Aileen. The Japanese Red Army.

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A Japan Communist Party poster from last year. The center poster says “Stop TPP. The Party that Loves this Country: The Japan Communist Party.” The one on the left says, “Rely on the constitution, change the government.”


The Asama Mountain Villa surrounded by police during the siege.


Shigenobu Fusako, right, with Okamoto Kozo during their time as Japanese Red Army militants.


In 2007, the story of the United Red Army was made into a well-reviewed film. Haven’t had a chance to see it yet, though.

Former Japanese PM Murayama poses in front of portraits of former leaders of his Social Democratic Party after an interview with Reuters at the party headquarters in Tokyo

Murayama Tomiichi, former Prime Minister and recycling guru.