This week, the floodgates are open! The system has fallen, and the left is poised to seize power…or not!

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Dower, John. Embracing Defeat.

Crump, John. The Origins of Socialist Thought in Japan.

Price, John. Japan Works: Power and Paradox in Postwar Industrial Relations



Citizens of Tokyo watching as electoral returns are posted on billboards in the city in 1947.


Nosaka Sanzo speaking at a rally, c. 1946. The end of World War II signaled a revival of the Communist Party, as its leadership came over from China and the USSR to revive the party at home.


Japanese communists are released from prison by the US, c. 1945.


Katayama Tetsu, Japan’s first socialist PM, at right. At left is Abe Isoo, Japan’s foremost Christian socialist and a mentor to Katayama.