Episode 171 – The Maelstrom, Part 9

It’s time for the Imperial Japanese Navy to bail out the Imperial Japanese Army. But first, let’s enjoy the Russian Baltic Fleet’s Party Cruise to the Pacific!

Listen to the episode here.


Asada, Sadao. From Mahan to Pearl Harbor: The Imperial Japanese Navy and the United States.

Evans, David and Mark Peattie. Kaigun.

MacMillan, Margaret. The War that Ended Peace: The Road to 1914.


Zinovy Roshestvensky, the Russian admiral who led the fleet to Tsushima and was then knocked unconscious and captured.
The Knyaz Suvorov, one of the ships of the Russian fleet.
A British depiction of the Dogger Bank Incident, which almost brought Russia into a second war.
This famous painting is of Togo preparing to give the order to attack. His cool, collected demeanor in the face of the upcoming battle became somewhat legendary among Japanese commanders.
The path of the Russian fleet — first to Tsushima and then once the battle began.
A period woodblock celebrating the victory by showing the destruction of a Russian warship. I couldn’t get a high enough resolution image to read it clearly, but based on the explosion I think it’s supposed to be the Borodino.
After the battle, Togo’s flagship, the IJN Mikasa, was preserved by the navy. You can still visit it at Mikasa park in Yokosuka.

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