Emma Goldman, part 1

Something seemed a little less than ideal about governments and economies around the world in the late 1880s. One woman’s solution? Anarchy.

Featured image: Emma Goldman in 1886. (Image source)

A particularly disparaging article about Emma Goldman’s trial. (Image source)

There are many newspaper illustrations of Emma Goldman from around this time but I had to go with this one for the excellent caption. (Image source)

Reporting on a typical speech by Goldman in 1894. The writer sounds a bit disappointed that there was no violence to report on, even though these speeches apparently required a “special force of detectives.” (Image source)

The building that once housed Emma Goldman’s ice cream shop. (Image source)

Alexander Berkman in 1892. (Image source)

Reporting on the violent end of the Homestead strike. (Image source)

An artist’s impression of Berkman’s attempt to shoot Frick. (Image source)