Episode 498 – Final Trip Thoughts

Once again, Isaac underestimates how many episodes it will take to cover something, and so one more time, we’re talking travel in Japan!

The Map

Some Images!

Shosei-in in Kyoto at night.
The Arashiyama Bamboo Forest. It’s really something else if you’ve never been in a bamboo forest before.
Tenryuji. This kind of minimalism doesn’t come cheap!
The gardens at Tenryuji.
Toei Eigamura! If you love samurai movies, definitely make a stop here.
Pontocho in Kyoto at night. I love this little stretch so very much!
Some familiar faces in a police box in Kyoto (the Yodo-go hijackers!)
This doesn’t really come up on the podcast but it was local election season while we were there and this poster for the NHK party is…wild.
A JSDF recruitment poster in Nara that features very prominently now in my lectures in class!
The view from Kyoto Tower.
Another photo of Shosei-in at night.