Episode 490 – The Nation’s Kitchen, Part 4

Apologies for the delayed release! I had some computer issues on my end, but they are now resolved.

This week is all about Osaka during the late Edo years, as the system of the Tokugawa shoguns began to fall further and further out of equilibrium. How did the “nation’s kitchen” weather attempts to alter the system of rice-based taxation that was the backbone of Tokugawa Japan? And why was it the site of the first anti-shogunate rebellion in centuries?


McClain, James L and Wakita Osamu. Osaka: The Merchant’s Capital of Early Modern Japan.

Taketoshi, Yosaburo. The Economic Aspects of the History of the Civilization of Japan, Vol III


Oshio Heihachiro, as depicted by Yoshitoshi.
Oshio Heihachiro.