Episode 478 – The Dynasty, Part 1

This week, we’re starting a longform look at Japan’s most prominent political dynasty: the Hatoyama family, which has been a presence in Japan’s electoral politics from the jump. Today is all about the career of family progenitor Hatoyama Kazuo, who went from son of a minor samurai to speaker of the House of Representatives, and in the offing created one of the nation’s great political dynasties.


Itoh, Mayumi. The Hatoyama Dynasty: Japanese Political Leadership Through the Generations.

Keene, Donald. Emperor of Japan: Meiji and His World, 1852-1912


Hatoyama Kazuo. I couldn’t find a precise date for this image but the academic regalia makes me think it’s from his time leading what became Waseda University.
A bust of Hatoyama Kazuo next to a statue of Hatoyama Haruko. On the grounds of Hatoyama Hall in Tokyo.
Hatoyama Haruko. I believe this is from after her husband’s death but I’m not 100% sure.