Starvation Heights

Was one of Seattle’s most notorious killers murdering her patients and stealing their fortunes on purpose, or did she really believe that starvation was the cure for every disease? Welcome to the world of Dr. Linda Burfield Hazzard, one of alternate medicine’s most notorious quacks, who always seemed to end up with power of attorney over her wealthy victims shortly before they died under mysterious circumstances.

Content note: This episode involves detailed discussion of disordered eating, medical malpractice, and death by starvation.

Featured image: A portrait of Linda Burfield Hazzard (Image source)

Dr. Henry S. Tanner, who popularized the fasting cure fad in the late 1800s, before and after a 40-day fast. (Image source for image 1) (Image source for image 2)

The Williamson sisters (Claire in the center, Dora on the left). (Image source)

A news article discussing Hazzard’s reputed good health and svelte physique in the middle of her legal troubles. (Image source)

Hazzard (on the right) before her stay in prison. Before and during her imprisonment, Hazzard gave a lot of press interviews trying to put a positive spin on her legal troubles. (Image source)

A report on Hazzard’s attempted return to prominence in 1922. (Image source)