Lawnchair Larry

A man, a plan, a violation of controlled airspace. Larry Walters was an ordinary truck driver, but he hatched an extraordinary scheme to take to the sky in a lawn chair tied to weather balloons. His stunt made international headlines, inspired movies, and launched an extreme sport. 

Content note: This episode includes a discussion of suicide.

Featured image: Larry Walters on Late Night with David Letterman (Image source)

A news report with clips of Larry in flight.

An illustration of the first manned (not sheeped) flight of the Montgolfier brothers’ balloon. (Image source)

A gondola used by scientist Jean Piccard. (Image source)

Kent Couch, another cluster balloonist, at the start of a record-setting 9-hour flight. (Image source)

A cluster balloonist at a festival. (Image source)