The Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist

A group of thieves set their sights on the greatest wealth stockpile of them all: the Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve. All they needed was a network of truckers, black market syrup smugglers, and shady dealers willing to get their fingers sticky for a sweet payoff.

Featured image: That sweet, sweet syrup (Image source)

Trees tapped for maple syrup (Image source)

A close-up of a tree with a tap (Image source)

Some of the equipment involved in producing maple syrup. (Image source)

A display of sap samples at a maple syrup festival. (Image source)

A maple syrup evaporator. The sap collected from trees must be boiled to turn it into syrup. (Image source)

The finished product: different grades of maple syrup. (Image source)

The famous maple bacon bar from Voodoo Donuts. (Image source)