The Queens of the Forty Elephants

One gang of women terrorized London’s merchants for more than a century. From smashing cars through shop doors to stuffing fur coats down their pants, learn the secrets of the lady gang of master criminals.

Content note: This episode includes discussion of domestic violence.

Featured image: A photograph of Alice Diamond from 1926. (Image source)

An illustration of a shoplifting strategy involving multiple people from 1919 (Image source)

The cutlers’ symbol from which the Elephant and Castle pub got its sign and name. (Image source)

A fashion plate showing well-dressed shoppers at Harrods’ of London, an early department store, in 1909. (Image source)

The Egyptian room at Harrods’ today. (Image source)

A 1909 announcement about the opening of Selfridge’s, a competing department store. (Image source)