Episode 409 – The Contenders, Part 4

How did it all go so very wrong?


Funabayashi, Yoichi, and Koichi Nakano, eds. The Democratic Party of Japan in Power: Challenges and Failures. Translated by Kate Dunlop.

Carlson, Matthew M and Steven Reed. Political Corruption and Scandals in Japan.


Kan Naoto as Prime Minister.
Noda Yoshihiko as Prime Minister.
From the SCMP: Ozawa leaving the courtroom after his acquittal in 2012. The anger surrounding his investigation and trial for corruption was a major internal issue for the DPJ.
From Kyodo News: Noda Yoshihiko sitting on the floor of the Diet just prior to the vote to approve Abe Shinzo as the new Prime Minister after the 2012 defeat.
From the Japan Times: A CDP press conference led by party president Edano Yukio, a former DPJ member.
How the turn tables: the 2012 election results. LDP in green, DPJ in Orange.

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  1. So basically, the DPJ fucked up because they slid to the right and were just as corrupt as the LDP.

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