Episode 370 – The Poetess

This week, we’re covering the life and career of a poet often overlooked despite her fame in her own lifetime: the shopkeeper’s daughter-turned-nun-turned-haiku master, Kaga no Chiyo.


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Crowley, Cheryl

A statue of Chiyo in her hometown in what’s now Ishikawa prefecture.
An illustrated poem by Kaga no Chiyo, from the Nagaragawa Art Museum.
A woodcut of one of Kaga no Chiyo’s poems, by Utagawa Kuniyoshi. The poem is: 朝顔に つるべ取られて もらい水 (roughly: by the morning glories/taking the waterbucket/getting water)
Another woodblock by Utagawa Kuniyoshi of KAga no Chiyo’s work.

. “Women in ‘Haikai’: The ‘Tamamoshu’ of Yosa Buson.” US-Japan Women’s Journal 26 (2004).

A fantastic little English-language website on Chiyo-jo and her poetry.


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