Episode 305 – The American Interlude, Part 2

This week, we’ll cover the end of USCAR and the legacies of 27 years of foreign rule over Okinawa Prefecture.


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The B-yen note. Introduced to try and stabilize the Okinawan economy, it instead helped keep Okinawa economically dependent on the USA.
Yara Chobyo’s career as a politician was defined by his successful opposition to USCAR.
The site of the 1968 Kadena B-52 crash.
Wreckage of the Koza riot. Note the bombed out car.
More Koza riot wreckage.
The 1972 reversion ceremony. Note the familiar faces in the background.

2 thoughts on “Episode 305 – The American Interlude, Part 2”

  1. Excellent episode, as always. One very minor correction, the Koza, outside of the Kadena Air Force base, is not a suburb of Naha. Naha is in the south part of the island, and Koza/Kadena are about 25 kilometers north of the city.

    1. Good catch! Honestly,I think that’s just my American-ness showing through; I have a distinct memory of seeing the distances involved and thinking, “oh so it’s basically right in the middle of the city, right?”
      Suburban sprawl does things to your brain I swear.

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