Your Podcast Needs You!

If you’ve listened to the most recent episode, you’ll know I’m contemplating a change in the show’s structure. Originally, I had planned to cover Japanese history in its entirety in a series of 15-20 overview podcasts, which I could then use as a reference point for more in-depth thematic episodes (for example, if I did an episode on kabuki I could point someone to the most recent episode to give them some background before listening).

Lately, however, I’ve been thinking that I don’t like that as much as I thought I would; I’ve been contemplating switching over to thematic episodes now and just giving you background on a per-episode basis as I feel it is appropriate. This is kind of a big shift, as we’re just getting into modern Japan now, and I want to know what you in the audience think. Is this a good idea that would get you more interested in the show? A terrible one that will leave you confused? Let me know!

Drop me a message or comment on facebook, a comment on this post, or email me at [email protected] with your thoughts. Thank you!