Episode 510 – The Rise of the Warriors

This week, we’re covering the beginnings of the rise of the samurai class by looking at the wars of the 1000s, as well as the Hogen and Heiji conflicts which secured the role of the military class in national politics.


Takeuchi, Rizo. “The Rise of the Warriors” in The Cambridge History of Japan, Vol II: Heian Japan

Friday, Karl F. “Dawn of the Samurai” in Japan Emerging: Premodern History to 1850.


Detail from a 13th century illustrated version of the Heiji Monogatari, showing Minamoto no Yoshitomo’s followers seizing the Sanjo palace of the retired emperor Go-Shirakawa at the start of the Heiji Rebellion.
Detail of a 12th century illustrated scroll depicting the Latter Three Years War.
Emperor Go-Sanjo escapes to the Taira. From the Heiji Monogatari Emaki, c. 13th century.
The Hogen Rebellion as depicted in this illustrated Byobu, from the early Tokugawa period.