John Spano, Jr.

One man lived the dream of every hockey fan when he bought a 50% stake in the ownership of the New York Islanders. There were just a few problems with his plan to save the struggling underdogs: He didn’t know anything about how to run a hockey team, he couldn’t fulfil any of his grand promises, and he didn’t actually have any money.

Featured image: A reporter covers the sale of the Islanders in 1997. (Image source)

The New York Islanders’ Fisherman logo, which was widely mocked for its resemblance to the Gorton’s Fish Sticks logo. (Image source)

The New York Islanders’ last Stanley Cup win in 1883.

Reporters discuss John Spano’s upcoming purchase of the Islanders in 1997.

A news story about the Islanders sale in 1997.

Ralph Maccio, who knows a few things about playing an underdog, rallies Islanders fans in a season opening speech.