Harry Allen

Meet Harry Allen, the sporty gentleman who scandalized Seattle by wooing ladies, biting cops, and making sure to give his side of the story to the press. Harry left an extraordinary legacy in the public record: He was a transgender man who talked directly to newspapers about his gender identity. But was he really the incorrigible hoodlum the papers made him out to be, or was he forced to the margins of society by police harassment?

Content notes: There is one transphobic quote at the beginning of the article, when we discuss the incorrect claims about transgender history in Abigail Shrier’s book. For all other quotes used in this episode, I’ve trimmed around names and pronouns to avoid misgendering Harry on air.

Featured image: Harry in his cowboy outfit. Harry usually wore tailored suits and fancy hats in town, but this particular photo was used by newspapers when they wanted to make him look like a tough brawler. (Image source)

A photograph of Harry Allen. I’m not sure when or why exactly this photo was taken. From the numbers in the corner I’m guessing this is a mug shot. (Image source)

A newspaper illustration of Harry disapproving of women’s hats. (Image source)

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Content note for these sources: All of the archival sources (and some of the non-archival sources) about Harry Allen use the name he did not want to go by, refer to him as a girl, and use she/her pronouns.

I have sources that refer to Harry as a girl in their headlines as white text on a white background below. If you’d like to see the headlines and visit those sources, highlight with your cursor to reveal the text and link.

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