Episode 346 – Blackness in Japan, Part 4

This week, we turn our attention to the black experience during the war in the Pacific, and to the fascinating story of the Pacific Movement of the Eastern World.


Here’s a scan of the CPUSA pamphlet “Is Japan the Champion of the Colored Races?”

Davie, Jennie Anne. “From Color Line to Colorblind: Changing AFrican American Perceptions of the Japanese During WWII.” Undergraduate Honors Thesis from the College of William and Mary, 2008.

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Barnes, Kenneth C. “Inspiration from the East: Black Arkansans Look to Japan.” The Arkansas Historical Quarterly 63, No 3 (Autumn 2010).

Horne, Gerald. Facing the Rising Sun: African Americans, Japan, and the Rise of Afro-Asian Solidarity.


Satokata Takahashi, left, and Ashima Takis, right, upon their arrest by the FBI.
Black soldiers advancing behind a tank during the Pacific War.
Black Soldiers from the segregated 93rd Division, the same one our two bits of testimony came from.
The highlighted bit from this New York Times page is the last mention I could find of Ashima Takis; he was sentenced to three years in prison but I’ve been unable to determine what happened to him afterwards.Japan