Episode 193 – No Country for Young Women, Part 2

This week: what are three educated women to do in a society that doesn’t value their education?

Listen to the episode here.


Nimura, Janice. Daughters of the Samurai.

Furuki, Yoshiko. The White Plum, a Biography of Tsuda Ume.

Tsuda, Umeko and Yoshiko Furuki. The Attic Letters: Ume Tsuda’s Correspondence to her American Mother.

Some excellent biographical sketches of Ume, Shige and Sutematsu are available here.


Nagai Shige as a college student at Vassar.
Yamakawa Sutematsu as a student at Vassar.
Oyama Iwao and Sutematsu together. Initially a political marriage, by all accounts the union became a very happy one.
Tsuda Ume in her dorm room at Bryn Mawr. This makes me feel much better about how my dorm looked in college.
Oyama and Bacon1
Alice Bacon with Shige, Sutematsu, and Ume during her time working for the Joshi Gakushuin.
Anna Cope Hartshorne, Tsuda Ume’s closest friend and collaborator in building Tsuda College.
The modern campus of Tsuda College in Kodaira. The school’s tremendous success can be attributed in part to the amazing energy of its founder.