Shi Jianqiao

We’ve talked about cultures that had a formalized, bureaucratic process for getting revenge. But what do you do when you’re not legally allowed to retaliate against the man who killed your father? Shi Jianqiao devoted her life to revenge, captivating the Chinese populace with her filial piety and her poetry justifying her crime.

Featured image: A photograph of Shi Jianqiao taken when she was a young woman. (Image source)

Shi Congbin, Shi Jianqiao’s father. According to Shi Jianqiao, he was an extremely virtuous man. (Image source)

One of the pamphlets Shi Jianqiao created to explain her motive for murder. (Image source)

Sun Chuanfang, before his fall from power. (Image source)

Zhang Chongchan, the “Dogmeat General.” (Image source)


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