The Free Town Project

If you want to tackle the crime problem, why not just get rid of all the laws? In this episode, a group of free thinkers take a utopian experiment to the extreme, and discover in the process that some laws exist for a reason. One of those reasons: preventing bears from eating everyone.

Content note: This episode mentions several instances of libertarians arguing in favor of pedophilia or being caught with child pornography. It also includes descriptions of animal attacks and hunting.

Featured image: A libertarian version of the Gadsden flag. Libertarians use the porcupine as a mascot because it’s an animal that only hurts other animals that attack it first. Bears and porcupines behave very differently. (Image source)

This is a chart of left and right-leaning libertarian movement. I cannot explain all the distinctions between them. (Image source)

Libertarian candidate Ron Paul helps drum up support for the Free State Project. (Image source)

Film from a Grafton town meeting about the town’s inability to function with budget cuts intercut with Free Town Project messages.

A human wrestling with a black bear. This is a staged photograph of a trained animal and its handler, but it’s a good demonstration of how even a small black bear could easily take down a person. (Image source)

A black bear foraging in an unsecured trash can. (Image source)

A black bear at its heaviest, fattened up for hibernation. (Image source)


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