Episode 325 – The Teijin Scandal, Part 2

This week, tensions within Japanese society explode as a simple stock purchase turns into a knock-down, drag out fight over corruption in the Japanese state.


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The trial was big news even as it dragged on; this is front page coverage in the Asahi Shinbun of the acquittal of all defendants on all charges.
The only photo I could find of some members of the Banchokai together. I sourced it from this website, though I took no other research from there. It was hard to track down; there aren’t a lot of photos of Banchokai members together. Go Seinosuke is 2; of the men here the one charged in the Teijin Scandal was 4 (Nagano Mamoru).
Muto Sanji’s brand of fiery journalism helped drive the Teijin Scandal into the spotlight. His death helped propel it further.
Mitsuchi Chuzo, the railway minister who was indicted in the Teijin Scandal.

3 thoughts on “Episode 325 – The Teijin Scandal, Part 2”

  1. You sure love your high politics, don’t you? Man, this was complicated. I’m shocked that Imperial Japan never thought to copy the west’s laws against insider trading. When did Japan finally wise up and start prosecuting securities fraud?

  2. These two episodes on Teijin were really excellent. I’ve often heard it mentioned, but it was great to hear the whole story. You really do a great job of absorbing scholarship and turning it into a good story. I am sure to use some of your ideas the next time I teach about the 1930s.

    1. Thank you! I loved working on it. I adore that kind of scandalous high politics because I guess I just love me some good juicy drama.

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