Episode 300 – The 300th Episode!

It’s a shame you can’t embed gifs in the episode descriptions, because otherwise this would just be the Ron Paul It’s Happening! gif.

Thank you all for enjoying the show; it would not be what it is without you.


Japanese white papers on karoshi, aging population, and declining birthrates (for some reason I couldn’t find the karoshi one more recently than 2017).

A recent Japan Times piece on hikikomori.

Hughes, David W. The Ashgate Research Companion to Japanese Music

Itoh, Keiko. The Japanese Community in Prewar Britain

Relevant Manga Sensei episode


Sado Miwa died in 2013; in 2017 NHK admitted that her death was a result of Karoshi.
Rita and Masataka Taketsuru, whose romance is genuinely and truly adorable.
Kawakami Otojiro, who was in his day a pretty famous comedian.
The emblem of Japan’s Prime Minister.
The Nikka distillery in Yoichi, Hokkaido,.


5 thoughts on “Episode 300 – The 300th Episode!”

  1. Congrats on making it to 300.

    When I visited Japan I went to the Dogo Onsen in the city of Matsuyama on Shikoku. The current building is from the 1890s and reportedly the imperial family has been customers there. I took the ferry from Hiroshima to Shikoku but apparently there’s also a train that connects to Honshu as well. The Onsen is located along a local street car line so it’s easy to get to.

    Question about seals: which is more commonly used on government buildings? I ask because the Embassy of Japan in Washington, DC has the Chrysanthemum on its front door (https://tinyurl.com/y2d8qylz). What do government buildings in Japan show? Is it different for foreign embassies and what about SDF bases?

  2. Congratulations on 300 (THIS IS THE HISTORY OF JAPAN PODCAST!!)

    Longtime listener here. I live between Osaka and Kobe so when you decide to come to Japan and do some sightseeing, drop me a line. Maybe I can help you set up a meetup in Osaka or Kobe or something.

    Keep up the awesome podcasts.

  3. The audio doesn’t seem to be working for this episode either on this page or on my podcast app. Please can you let me know when it’s fixed because I’d love to listen to it!

    1. There was an error in the sound file; I tried to fix it, but ended up having to re-record the entire file, unfortunately!

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