Episode 253 – The Beautiful Island, Part 2

This week: now that Japan has conquered Taiwan, what are they actually going to do with it?


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Barclay, Paul D. Outcasts of Empire: Japan’s Rule on Taiwan’s “Savage Border,” 1874-1945.

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Kodama Gentaro, the military bureaucrat who was the first governor general with a tenure longer than a year or so.
Sakuma Samata, like his predecessor Kodama, was a military man. Under his rule, uprisings against the government grew stronger in character — he was eventually recalled after suffering a wound during one of those uprisings.
Lo Fu-hsing, the Hakka-Han-Dutch rebel who was executed by the Japanese in 1913, was honored by the Republic of China on Taiwan with a postage stamp.
A memorial for the Tapani Incident in modern Tainan.
Captured rebels in the wake of the Tapani Incident.
Den Kenjiro, the first civilian governor-general of Taiwan, took office in 1919.
A girl’s school in Taiwan. From their origins as relatively marginal parts of colonial policy, schools like this one would become increasingly central to the assimilation-oriented policies of the government-general.
An aboriginal school under Japanese rule.

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