Episode 238 – Hell is Empty

This week, we tackle the evils of Unit 731 — its history, its experiments, and its ultimate escape from any real justice.


A New York Times article from the 1990s on Unit 731.

Japan Times article on the trial of Yutaka Mio.

Gold, Hal. Unit 731 Testimony.

Tanaka, Yuki. Hidden Horrors


Note: There will be no images of human experiments here. They are out there if you want to find them. 

The Unit 731 compound in Pingfang.
Ishii Shiro.
Otozo Yamada, a Kwantung Army commander and defendant at the Khabarovsk trials in 1949.

2 thoughts on “Episode 238 – Hell is Empty”

  1. Hello, in the episode you said they are now revealing the archives and names of the people involved with Unit 731. Is it not dangerous, even more so in Japan where family names are so important, to reveal the names and maybe put in danger the modern relatives of the people who worked there?

    1. I can certainly see how it could hurt the reputation of the families, for sure. My understanding is that the family itself cannot be held legally liable for lawsuits involving damages or anything like that, but certainly they’d have to deal with some public opprobrium.
      It’s a difficult balancing act to walk in all cases, for sure.

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