This week, we prepare for round two. How are the Japanese getting ready for another invasion, and how does that new invasion begin?

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Conlan, Thomas. In Little Need of Divine Intervention.

Rossabi, Morris. Kublai Khan: His Life and Times.

Turnbull, Stephen. The Mongol Invasions of Japan of 1274-1281.

Adams, Ryon. Outfought and Outthought: Reassessing the Mongol Invasions of Japan.


A detail shot of a Mongol ship from Takezaki Suenaga’s scrolls (called the Moko Shurai Ekotoba, or Illustrated Account of the Mongol Invasions). Though initially composed as proof of Takezaki’s valor in battle, they also provide a handy source of information about Mongol weapons and ships.

Another shot from the Moko Shurai Ekotoba, showing Takezaki single-handedly fighting a group of Mongols. As a record of his achievements, we can’t really trust this text to be entirely honest about his fighting skills — this depiction of how many Mongols he could defeat at once should be taken with a few grains (if not an outright fistful) of salt.

Remnants of the defensive walls of Hakata, still visible today.

Another shot of the Hakata walls, giving you a better sense of what their height at the time would have been.